Asbestos Junk Removal Advice

Thought I should here some info on removing asbestos which maybe useful if you are thinking of clearing your garden shed. We where recently asked to quote on removing a shed and its contents from a garden in Ascot. The shed was about thirty years old and had an asbestos roof with eight 2 x 1 meter corrugated sheets.


After looking into how to best to remove the asbestos quickly became apparent that it’s a specialist job, even if the sheets are the lower grade of asbestos such as asbestolux which have much lower toxicity levels. If your wondering what type of Asbestos you have, here’s a useful guide on the HSE website, which help you identify what you have by the type of application it has been used for

As of April 2013 H.S.E legislation means anyone removing asbestos on a commercial basis needs to have formal training and regular health tests thereafter, which means that we would be breaking the law if we where was to remove the asbestos, so if your looking at getting asbestos removed make sure they are licensed.

We like to help our customers so we phoned a friend in the building trade for advice, he recommended GP Asbestos who are based in Heathrow and can be reached on 0330 555 0105.

They quoted £390 + VAT for coming out and removing eight x 2 x 1 meter panels from the shed roof, wrapping them in industrial cling film and then disposing of them in a proper fashion, this works out at £58.25 inc VAT per panel,

The chap also said that its only possible to dispose of 3 panels per year per household at the local amenity site, I’m unsure if this is true or not but could cause you a problem if it is.

Let me know your thoughts? We can of course dismantle and clear the shed once the roof is gone, this would cost from £200 inclusive of labor and refuse costs.